The Inland Empire Marine Aquarium Society (IEMAS) was formed to provide the Southern California Inland Empire reefkeeping hobbyists with a center point from which to share knowledge and experiences. We host a number of events that help support the expansion of the reefkeeping hobby including Frag Swaps and Philanthropies. Come join us at one of our monthly meetings and become part of the reefkeeping community!
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Bulk Reef Supply.
May Meeting
O.C. Shopping Spree
Garretts Acropolis Tour

The monthly meeting will be held on May 3rd.

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June 13th


We leaving the IE and visiting the OC- Shops we will be visiting:


Coral Collection

Tongs Tropical Fish

Ali's Amazing Aquariums & Reefs

Coral Gazers

Coral Oasis

Seaside Aquatics

Saturday May 11th


We will be visiting Garretts Acropolis and touring his 1000+ gallon outdoor SPS grow out system. This is a members only event! Bring your coolers & cash